What Institute is Institute of International Relations and Political Science (IIRPS) is one of the most prominent social sciences institutions in Central Eastern Europe and the Baltic region.

IIRPS has been present in the academic and political life of Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic region since its establishment in 1992, has achieved a wide range of academic accomplishments and can boast rich tradition of hosting high level politicians, diplomats and distinguished speakers at its premises. While first focusing mostly on educating the future members of Lithuanian diplomatic corps, the Institute has gradually enlarged its focus to educating people with a wider range of knowledge and capabilities which empower them to work in a range of public administration, non governmental and private institutions, to continue learning in their future careers. Being the leading institution in the country it has set in its newest Strategic plan the goal of establishing itself as the leading education and research institution in the Baltic region.
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Humans of EERS

natalyaBoth years of study have brought a lot of experience: presenting tens of various presentations, conducting individual researches, reading huge amount of the works of prominent scientists of the past and the present by the recommendation of the lecturers, simulations of the international negotiations, visits to the state institutions of Lithuania and to the important business institutions, which play a role in the policy of Lithuania today, study trips, summer schools, conferences etc. It is impossible to describe the variety of absolutely new and fascinating activities, which the Program has proposed to us – to foreign students.

Pogramme graduate Natalya Semerova (Ukraine)


I chose Russian and East European studies because I am interested in the region since my country is a part of it. I have a bachelor degree in International Relations, therefore, politics and International Relations in Eastern Europe perfectly suits my interests and passion. Vilnius University has one of the best graduate programs in this sphere, plus, it is in Eastern Europe and studying here helps us – students to deeply analyze and compare the theoretical knowledge to everyday life. My main study interest is to learn as much as possible about Russia and Eastern Europe and better understand my home country’s (Georgia) role in the region’s politics.

First year student Mariam Tsitskishvili (Georgia)